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ATX6022/14G electronic component of Axiomtek

Interface Modules 1 CPU Card 12 PCI 2 ISA (Applied for 4U Rack Chassis)

Manufacturer: Axiomtek
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Interface Modules
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Interface Modules
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Backplanes PICMG 1.0 Full-size Backplanes ATX6022/13L ATX6022/14 PICMG 1 PICMG 1 PCI 4 PCI 4 ISA 8 ISA 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 ATX6022/8 PICMG 1 6 PCI 4 ISA 4 7 8 9 10 11 470 Updated Aug. 29, 2018. * All specifications and photos are subject to change without notice. 2017 Axiomtek Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Interface Modules category: Click to view products by Axiomtek manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : FAB118 IFD8520 FAB100 cPCI-3544 422CON ATX6022/8 AX93221-24/48 OPT8AP-AE 96RMKVM-19V1C-A 60011-075 HPCI- 14S12U cBP-3208 cBP-3062A FAB205-6P5 ATX6022/6 96RMKVM-17V1C-A PCE-DP10-00A1E 96RMLCD-17V1-A 96RMKVM- 17V8C-A 60016-035 60016-024 60016-005 382-BBEH 555-BDCL FL COMSERVER BASIC 232/422 K6CMISZBI52 426451401-3 60011-093 MIC-3620/3-BE MPCIE-UART-KIT02-R20 BB-FOSTCDRI 73-544-002 UC-313 485OPDRI 485SD9R PX-257 UH104 US- 257 HP-USB-14 B126-1A1 301-1001-11 U444-06N-DP-C ADAM-4521-AE MOTG-AC1 MOTG-AC2 MOTG-BREADTOOTH MOTG- RS485 PCIE-1602C-AE PCIE-1612B-AE PCIE-1612C-AE

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8517.62.00 51 No Modems, of a type using digital to analogue modulation and analogue to digital demodulation, being goods of a kind having operational transmission speeds of 300 bits/second or greater