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Interface Modules GPIB Interface Card
Manufacturer: Advantech

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Product Category
Interface Modules
Universal Pci Cards
Ieee 488.2
Number of Channels / Ports
1 Port
Maximum Data Rate
1.5 Mb/S
Operating Supply Voltage
5 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
0 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 60 C
Interface Type
High - Performance Ieee - 488.2 Interface Pci Card
120 Mm X 64 Mm
Hts Code
Product Type
Interface Modules
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IEEE-488.2 Interface Low Profile PCI-1671UP Universal PCI Card Features IEEE 488.2 Standard interface Complete Talker/Listener/Controller Industry standard 32-bit PCI bus Data transfer rates over 1.5 MB/s 1,024-word FIFO buffer High-Speed State Machine Bus Manager 7 Interrupt lines, shared interrupt capability Transparent interrupt enabling/disabling Includes GPIB-Library software Low profile MD1 size Support industrial standard VISA RoHS COMPLIANT 2002/95/EC Introduction The PCI-1671UP IEEE-488 interface converts any PCI bus personal computer into an instrumentation control and data acquisition system. Connect up to 14 instruments using standard IEEE-488 cables such as the PCL-10488-2, 2 meter IEEE-488 interface cable. The PCI-1671UP transfers data over the GPIB at rates in excess of 1.5 million bytes per second using the maximum IEEE-488 specification cable length (2 meters times the of devices). A 1,024-word FIFO buffer and the advanced REP-INSW ISR data transfer method provide the horsepower required to then transfer the data between the GPIB board and the host computer. The high-speed state machine also provides byte-to-word packing and unpacking, and because words carry twice the information that bytes do, packed data requires fewer bus cycles to transfer the same GPIB information. The PCI-1671UP adheres to ANSI/IEEE Standard 488-1978. Often referred to as the IEEE-488.2 bus, GPIB bus or HP-IB bus, the GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) is a standard for instrumentation communication and control for instruments from manufacturers the world over. The GPIB provides handshaking and interface communications over an 8-bit data bus employing 5 control and 3 handshake signals. Equipped with PCI-1671UP, a personal computer can control GPIB instruments, gather data from GPIB test equipment, or become a data acquisition station in a GPIB system. Specifications Ordering Information PCI-1671UP High-perform. IEEE-488.2 Interface PCI Card GPIB Accessories Compatibility IEEE 488.1, 488.2 GPIB Transfer Rate 1.5 MB/s PCL-10488-2E IEEE-488 Cable, 2 m OS Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/10 Library Support Visual C++, Visual C , Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi, LabView Max. GPIB Connections 15 (14 Listener) General Bus Type Universal PCI V2.2 I/O Connectors 1 x 24-pin IEEE 488 Dimensions (L x H) 120 x 64 mm (Low profile MD1) Power Consumption 5 V 375 mA DC Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60C (32 ~ 158F) 0-90% RH Storage Temperature -40 ~ 100C (-40 ~ 212F) 5-90% RH Operating Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing Data Acquisition Boards All product specifications are subject to change without notice Last updated: 2-Sep-2019X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Interface Modules category: Click to view products by Advantech manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : IFD8520 cPCI-3544 422CON ATX6022/14GP7 ATX6022/8 AX93221-24/48 FC6A-EXM2 OPT8AP-AE 96RMKVM-19V1C-A 60016- 011 60016-014 60006-008 60011-075 HPCI-14S12U cBP-3208 cBP-3062A FAB205-6P5 ATX6022/6 60016-012 96RMKVM-17V1C-A PCE-DP10-00A1E MOS-1120Y-0201E 96RMLCD-17V1-A 96RMKVM-17V8C-A 60004-005 60016-017 60006-009 60016-035 60016- 034 60016-031 60016-030 60016-026 60016-024 60016-018 60016-007 60016-005 60007-002 60006-010 AXX10GBTWLHW3 382- BBEH 555-BDCL K6CMISZBI52 426451401-3 60011-093 MIC-3620/3-BE MPCIE-UART-KIT02-R20 RSM232 PCIE-1680-AE BB- FOSTCDRI 73-544-002

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8517.62.00 51 No Modems, of a type using digital to analogue modulation and analogue to digital demodulation, being goods of a kind having operational transmission speeds of 300 bits/second or greater
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