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Interface Modules HSL-DI16-UC16-CH Digital Input
Manufacturer: ADLINK Technology


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ADLINK Technology

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ADLINK Technology
Product Category
Interface Modules
Distributed I/O - Hsl
Discrete Input
Number of Channels / Ports
16 Input
Maximum Data Rate
6 Mb/S
Operating Supply Voltage
24 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
0 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 60 C
Interface Type
Rj - 45
16 Channel Discrete Input Module
98 Mm X 71.8 Mm X 52.7 Mm
Adlink Technology
Product Type
Interface Modules
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HSL Slave Modules HSL-DO16-UC, HSL-DI16-UC 16-CH Discrete Input 16-CH Discrete Output Modules Specifications Slave ID Consumption 1 Transmission Mode Full/Half duplex Transmission Speed 3/6/12 Mbps selectable, 6 Mbps is the default setting Input Impedance 4.7 K Input Current 10 mA (max.), 12 mA (peak), NPN sinking type HSL-DO16-UC Input Voltage +24 V Output Switching Capacity Per single channel 90 mA (max.), NPN sinking type Operation Temperature 0 C to +60 C Photo Couple Isolation Voltage 2,500 VRMS LED Indicator Power and Communication status Dimension 98 x 52.7 x 71.8 mm (W x H x D) Power Requirement +24VDC ( 10%) Ordering Information HSL-DO16-UC 16-CH discrete output module HSL-DI16-UC HSL-DI16-UC 16-CH discrete input module Features Support 16 DI channels and 16 DO channels Transmission speeds: 3/6/12 Mbps RJ-45 phone jack for easy installation Compact design to meet space limitation and cost-effective requirement Fuse design to protect digital output channelover-current Software Support Windows Platform Windows 7/Vista32/XP/2000 Library MotionCreatorPro 2 Utility The MotionCreatorPro 2 utility is used to scan and test slave devices. HSL LinkMaster Utility The HSL LinkMaster utility is used to scan and test slave devices. Applications Industrial control and process systems CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) systems Security control systems Remote control systems 7-7 www.adlinktech.comX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Interface Modules category: Click to view products by ADLINK Technology manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : IFD8520 cPCI-3544 422CON ATX6022/14GP7 ATX6022/8 AX93221-24/48 FC6A-EXM2 OPT8AP-AE 96RMKVM-19V1C-A 60016- 011 60016-014 60006-008 60011-075 HPCI-14S12U cBP-3208 cBP-3062A FAB205-6P5 ATX6022/6 60016-012 96RMKVM-17V1C-A PCE-DP10-00A1E MOS-1120Y-0201E 96RMLCD-17V1-A 96RMKVM-17V8C-A 60004-005 60016-017 60006-009 60016-035 60016- 034 60016-031 60016-030 60016-026 60016-024 60016-018 60016-007 60016-005 60007-002 60006-010 AXX10GBTWLHW3 382- BBEH 555-BDCL K6CMISZBI52 426451401-3 60011-093 MIC-3620/3-BE MPCIE-UART-KIT02-R20 RSM232 PCIE-1680-AE BB- FOSTCDRI 73-544-002

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8517.62.00 51 No Modems, of a type using digital to analogue modulation and analogue to digital demodulation, being goods of a kind having operational transmission speeds of 300 bits/second or greater